Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Basingstoke Festival of Transport 2018 Show - Thanks

Thanks again to the Thornycroft Society for putting on a great transport festival again and inviting us along on the 13th May 2018. The weather managed to hold out, to make it an enjoyable busy day.

We had many passing visitors. The young were interested in directing us to put on different trains, and captivated by watching the trains go around with different loads, and the young at heart were reminiscing about days gone by, with some providing stories about sun bathing on top of the buildings, and playing down the disused railway line (in later years).

As we were running the model railway from a 9v PP9 battery this meant our G6 train struggled to pull anything up and down the gradients, and for some reason there was a complete loss of power in the train yard itself. This we thought was down to low battery power, but after finding the only stall in the field that sold new PP9 batteries and plugging it in we were still struggling power wise. This meant we were pretty much unable to show trains loading and unloading from the factory sidings, and we were using the M7 most of the time. - But i'm sure nobody really noticed that!

We may need to think about creating a barrier as many people both young and old were putting their hands on the front edge of the layout, there was many a stern look and short cry of "Please Do Not Touch!" from us.

Basingstoke Transport Festival May 2018

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