Sunday, 24 January 2016

3D model of the rest of the Thornycroft site

Many months ago I had an idea of how we could create the backscene for Thornycroft sidings. This involved creating a 3D computer generated model of the rest of the factory site - the other two-thirds of the 20 acre site. The idea being that we could place a virtual camera at the end, and I would almost have an instant backscene depicting the rest of the site.

Using google sketchup I gradually modelled the rest of the buildings using the photos available on, The idea was not to create a 100% accurate model, but something that could be used as a framework/ outline, which could then be "filled" in using a graphic editing program.

More on creating the backscene later. But thought it was worth showing a view from the other side that will never be shown on our layout, as a lot of work went into modelling these virtual buildings.

The large rectangle on the left is the backscene "window", to the left of that is where the real model sits. (basic shading effect from sketchup applied):

For reference the real view from a photo:
J.I. Thornycroft and Co Motor Works, Basingstoke, 1939 - Britain from Above


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Public début of Thornycroft Sidings

The public début of our Thornycroft Sidings N gauge model railway, is scheduled to appear at: 
The Basingstoke & North Hampshire Model Railway Show 
Aldworth Science College, Basingstoke, RG22 6HA
Saturday 12th March, and Sunday 13th March 2016

This is a great show and we exhibited there last year with Cliddesden, winning best in show. Thornycroft was a massive employer in the town, and to have the debut showing in Basingstoke is quite fitting.

We hope to see many of you there, and maybe sharing some of your stories about the factory.

We still have a few things to make Thornycroft exhibition ready, notably the back scene, stand banner and a tidy up. More on those later.

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