Saturday, 4 February 2017

Astolat Model Railway Circle Exhibition - Thank you

On the 22nd January we exhibited Thornycroft Sidings at the Astolat Model Railway Circle Exhibition, this year held at the Surrey Sports Park, Guildford.

The exhibition was a very nice one day event, with 19 layouts on show in various scales, and the usual trade stands.

We would just like to say thanks to the organisers, for such a well managed show, and thanks to the chap who helped unload our cars on this frosty cold sunday morning.

Also thank you, to the visitors who passed by, and stopped to view Thornycroft. The children, who were excited by the trains running past with various loads, and the children who directed us on what trains they wanted to see. The adults who were intrigued by the corrugation effect on the roofs of the buildings, and by the painstaking work in making n gauge post and wire fencing! and those who admired the detail and the feeling the model railway evokes.

Thank you!

Some comments that I can remember:
Somebody likes making buildings!
Nice layout
How did you...
It's completely different to what else was on show

Ed & David
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