Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Astolat Model Railway Circle Exhibition 21/01/2018 - Thank you

On the 21st of January we showed Cliddesden at the Astolat Model Railway Circle Exhibition, a small one day well run show, held at the Surrey Sports Park.

We would like to say thanks to the club and the exhibition organisers for inviting us back again, this time with Cliddesden. The weather was very soggy which made unloading and loading the cars a little bit of a challenge, and due to the conditions it was reported that visitor numbers were a little lower than last year.

Thanks to the visitors who managed to make it, and were completely captivated by this layout. One lady who must of stayed on our stand for over 20 minutes, and read the power point presentation at least 4 times, while admiring the cameo scenes and model workmanship. Also to a gentleman who mentioned we inspired him to get back into n gauge model railway building, that he went and retrieved his old childhood track from his parents place, after reading our article in the March 2016 Railway Modeller magazine, and spending two or three visits admiring Cliddesden. Also to a little boy, who again had read our article in the magazine, and was really excited to see the layout.

There were many, many comments through out the day, with these being some of the ones I can remember:
  • "Cliddesden is my best in show"
  • "Absolutely fascinating"
  • "Great landscaping"
  • "Completely different to other layouts on show"
  • "You must have great patience"
  • "If I end up making a layout half as good as yours I would be proud"
  • "How did you make the wheat field?"
  • "I love the way the back-scene mergers with the model"
  • "Very nice"
Thanks again,

Ed & David

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