Friday, 23 March 2012

Mr. McCormicks Reaper Binder - Part 2

Platform Conveyor and Wheels

The two brochures cited in Part 1 are extremely useful because the machine is shown broken down into its sub assemblies. This really is the only way to understand its makeup since photos of a fully built machine do not give much away in this respect.

More helpful than photographs are the videos shown on YouTube since some give all round views and moving parts reveal its operation.

The platform is made from wire and sheet copper with a bit of brass for the wheel guard. The conveyor is a strip of paper wrapped around the platform and coloured with crayon. The big wheel is a left over part from a plastic kit and the spoke wheel a metal washer, except I did not model the spokes! I have not modelled the serrated cutting blade either since this part of the machine will be covered by wheat stalks when the model is placed on the layout.

I have not made a scale drawing to work from. I'm making it up as I go along with parts roughly scaled from the height of a man standing alongside or sitting on the machine shown in photographs and videos.

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