Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Far and a Field

Laying the turf is almost complete. The bulk of applying the static grass is almost over, just the station workers terraced gardens to consider next.
Here's a picture showing the fields at the back of the goods yard, with the turnip field on the right and goods yard bottom right. The field has been put out to pasture, and is looking a little rough from the recent summer dry spell.


We have had to modify the profile of the back fields due to the back siding/ track, the field has had to be made taller so that from viewing height you can't see the train. A hedgerow and trees also increased the height further, but makes the field smaller than what it actually is/ would have been back in 1916. Google street map shows the view today (see below). A handmade post and wire fence lines the whole road and turnip field boundary. Each post is made from cut-up matchsticks, and each one painstakingly drilled by hand with 3 holes, inserted and glued into the board, and then thin wire threaded through.

Google street view

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Interesting that the old goods yard entrance fence line of today is quite far back from the road compared to what it was in the 1900s.


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