Tuesday, 16 October 2012

LSWR Brake Van - Part 2

The PECO chassis kit NR-121B is quick and easy to assemble. The chassis is one piece moulded plastic. Just pop in the wheel sets, locate the couplers, glue in their retainers and place the weight. Job done.

The wheels are of the disk variety whereas the prototype has spoked wheels. Can you spot the difference? No, That is the beauty of 'n' gauge. Small means we can afford for some details to be overlooked. But I have to say not too happy about the centre portion of the buffer beam missing to allow the coupler to move up and down. On this brake van buffer beams are to be LSWR red and the buffer beam deviation will probably show. Funny how some aspects jar the mind. I should be more unhappy about the unrealistic coupler.

To Part 3.

To Part 1.


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