Saturday, 27 July 2013

Spot The Difference

Basing a layout on an actual place and time is fraught with danger in terms of colour matching where only black and white photographs prevail. It has been bugging me since 'familydesmond' commented that our 1925 station building colour scheme seems too dark. Going back over the source data again lead me to agree.

If the station building was clad in weather boarding then the Southern Railway colour would have been Stone 1A. Our building is corrugated iron. It appears a lighter colour in photographs than its wooden window frames so it too was probably the stone colour. I have therefore, remade the building appropriately.



The 1916 version is probably LSWR cream iron and brown woodwork when looking at period photographs of Herriard and Bentworth & Lasham but at Cliddesden the iron colour appears much darker in early photographs, perhaps it was LSWR brown iron with cream window frames, except a photo exists taken after the closure of 1917 and before tracks were relaid that shows the corrugated iron to be a lighter colour than the woodwork. So, hopefully our 1916 version is about right.


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