Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thornycroft Building #9 - Weigh House

In the photo below this building sits between the large building with three ridge roofs on the left and the saw-tooth roof building on the right. It is the smallest building on our plan and appears as a small white blob in the photo that you may not even see (Click image for a large view).


The building contained the weight measuring scale for a railway weigh bridge positioned alongside.

Time Line

Probably built when the siding complex was altered and expanded between 1902 and 1919. It did not survive to the end and was probably demolished when the sidings were removed in the 1970s(?).


Only the photo above and another that shows only the roof apex (the rest hidden by a wagon) have been found. We can see the colour was white and the end facing the camera in the photo above had a window. It is assumed to be corrugated iron throughout.

The model

The model was constructed using scrap 3D printed PLA plastic sheet. 3D printers create models by building up thin lines of plastic. These lines look similar to corrugations in N scale. So, the model, unlike others in this series, has a textured finish. The finish is weathered with scrapes from a black, soft pastel stick applied with a dry paint brush. The doors and windows are printed paper stuck onto the plastic.

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