Monday, 25 August 2014

SR General Purpose Tank Locomotive

Bit of an impulsive purchase. I bid on the famous internet auction site for a "Graham Farish - N Gauge - SR General Purpose Tank Locomotive ' 2579 '" they appear quite regularly and can often be hand for about £20. From what I can work out the train would have been part of an n gauge Graham Farish starter kit but is not actually modelled to be any specific locomotive. I was attracted to it because to the non-concerning it looks a bit like a 0-6-0T G6, a tank engine which served the Thornycroft site during the period.

There was a bit of damage to the Tank loco, mainly with one of the buffers, and a screw holding the undercarriage were missing. The buffer was repaired with a spare we had and it soon looked as good as new, it took a little bit of fettling to get it to run, but after removing some carbon build up and giving it an oil, we managed to get it to run around the oval. Unfortunatly it would not run over our concrete filled track inside the yard due to the height of the wheel guides, obviously we could scrape out some of the faux concrete in the tracks, or replace the wheels - neither if which are a trival task. So, for the moment we will leave it as it is and actually source an n gauge G6 Kit and chassis (hoping it will have smaller wheel guides) this will also make it more 'real' as there is no r-t-r n gauge model on the market.


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