Tuesday, 7 October 2014

More N gauge trees

On the right is the view from Worting Road railway bridge showing the line of mature trees that form the boundary of the factory in the late 1930s.

When modelling trees we have to remind ourselves that mature trees in nature are very tall. These are made from dead Sedum flower heads collected in late Autumn/Winter.

The method of construction is described here.

I used Sedum because the flower head has smaller petals than the Yarrow mentioned in the article and is therefore well suited to N Gauge. It would work for 00 gauge as well.

That red van is a set scene that will be featured in the next posting. 

Below is the view across some of the factory buildings to the other side of the tree line. I really like this composition, quite atmospheric except the yard is too empty for a busy factory. It is yard clutter that we will create next for the layout.

In these photographs a sky background has been stitched into the photograph of the model.


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