Monday, 4 May 2015

Oh Dear

I mentioned in the previous posting that 3D print is more accurate than modelling in FIMO clay. I knew already that our Thornycroft J Class general purpose War Department lorry made in FIMO clay was too tall but I did not appreciate how out of scale it really was until putting both models side by side.

Clay on left, 3D print on right.

The clay model starts to go wrong above the chassis line. This will not do so, I'll need to remake it in 3D print for our Thornycroft Sidings layout and maybe a total of  five to replace the batch displayed on our Cliddesden Station layout.

I keep mentioning 3D print in these postings (I have made quite a number of different models using it during this project) but not gone into detail about the process. Well, I'm now going to take you through the entire process, warts and all. But, not here. The series will be shown on our sister Blog - You may wish to follow there and set up email alerts for new postings.  But don't give up on this Blog, there is much more to come here.

To begin with read about the 3D printer we are using.


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