Monday, 24 October 2011

Cliddesden plans

Using the plan of the station from 1911, I have scaled it down, and using Microsoft Visio, worked out the best way to lay it all out and work out the best design for my situation.

In the future I plan on modelling the other station's  (Thorycroft, Herriard, Lasham and Bentworth), so the layout needs to be constructed with flexibility, usability and playability in mind. Being that the Basingstoke and Alton Light railway was for most part a single track line, this is not ideal for the usability or playabilty of my model railway. So, to add more interest I plan on making a loop, with a back siding, and the loop curves at the end of the table can be removed when the other stations come on-line.

I have applied a bit of artistic license, and moved Hackwood road a lot more closer. Otherwise I would have ended up with a board twice the size. I wanted to use it as it adds more interest to the layout, It'll just be a small compromise on reality.

My favourite plan:

Some other ideas:

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