Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to make an 'n' gauge LOWMAC - Part 5

Buffers are made from Hornby 00 gauge track pins cut to 5mm long. The bufferbeam is drilled to accept them. In the design file the buffer beams have the positions marked with white dots.

The buffers are positioned to stick out about 2mm from the beam.

Last job is to paint the card white edges and other areas showng white to normal viewing with matt black paint.

Possible Enhancements

Whilst not included in my model (how far do you go in this scale?) you might consider adding:
  • 10 tiny trianglar decking support webs along the long side of each frame.
  • Chains fixed at each end of the decking for strapping the cargo down. (See Paul Bartletts website)
  • Hand break lever each side on one end of the side frame.
  • Coupling hook and chain on each bufferbeam
And that is the end of an amazing simple build with few parts to make a great model.

To Part 1.

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