Wednesday, 20 February 2013

'00' v 'n'

The ideal viewing distance for 'n' gauge is said to be 2 feet and this means a lot of licence can be taken with the extent of detail to include in a scratch built model.

Our 2mm corrugated iron Cliddesden station building for instance does not have textured corrugations, the gutters are split wire sleeving glued to the ends of the roof, the windows are not transparent, the down pipes have no strapping and so on. It looks just fine.

The larger 00 gauge version would not be so forgiving to the eye so it has been given gutters that are properly formed U shape, the downpipes have strapping, the corrugations are textured, has a decorated interior and the window glass - well, should be transparent for realism and potential views of the interior, especially if lit, but to simplify the construction as an experiment this model has printed opaque dummies!


Friday, 15 February 2013

In Demand

Someone contacted me asking if I could supply him a 00 version of our n gauge Cliddesden Station Building. It seems to me this building would be ideal for a beginner to the hobby and for a very small layout, let alone a light railway for which it is intended. It would also lend itself to being a goods yard office or store - quite versatile.

Not a simple case of scaling up the n gauge card kit I designed because missing detail would be more noticeable in 00 and the assembly method is not robost enough for the larger scale.

The original kit was designed from dimensions and photographs given in our reference book, cited elsewhere in this blog.

So, a 00 version is now being designed for anyone to obtain.

More info later.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Video - Cliddesden Station Goods Train 1916

Cliddesden station, had a daily goods train serving the local businesses, Including a local nursery and farmer.

Here the goods train (in this case M7, but would have been an O2) is dropping of a cattle wagon and goods van at the Cliddesden siding.

Ed & David

Monday, 4 February 2013

Video - Cliddesden Passenger Train 1916

1 of 4 passenger services during the day from Basingstoke to Alton, This one arriving at Cliddesden at 2:49pm and leaving 1 minute later at 2:50pm.

Here is our first short movie in black and white, simulating the era of film at the time; The 2:49pm passenger train (M7 in this case but would have been an O2) arriving and leaving Cliddesden station, circa 1916, as the farmer and the Women's National Land Service Corps, reap the wheat harvest.

Check back for more videos soon.

Ed & David