Sunday, 5 April 2015

We Need More Chassis

The cry went up 'We need more vehicle chassis for the yard'. So, here are another five.

This time it is the Thornycroft PB chassis, manufactured from 1926-1928. Perhaps a little early for the period of our Thornycroft Factory model but they are the vehicles shown loaded onto LOWMAC railway wagons in a photo from our reference book, a scene that we can now replicate.

The PB chassis is noted for its 'Forward Control' cab which covered part of the engine affording a larger payload area than previous models with the same wheelbase.

The wheels are of interest being spoked cast steel with solid rubber tyres.

The models were designed in 3D CAD and 3D printed in plastic as a kit of parts. I did not think the spoked wheels could be made this way, being so small, and expected a biog of plastic but was surprised to see the larger rear wheels were a good rendition with light showing between the spokes! The smaller front wheels needed a drill passed between the spokes to remove  'flashing'.

The model is finished in black framework with grey primer wheels and body work, ready for either Thornycroft or the customer to fit the loading platform and finish in the appropriate company livery.

Do we have enough chassis in the yard now. Apparently not!