Sunday, 13 March 2016

End of Show

Thanks to everyone who saw and liked Thornycroft Sidings at the Basingstoke and North Hants. Model Railway Show on 12th/13th March 16.

Being based in the local area it attracted interest from residents who tried to work out its relationship to the site we know today - a supermarket car park and pertol station! How times have changed. A couple of visitors let it be known that they worked in the factory in its later years and others invited us to show the layout elsewhere, one of whom is associated with Thornycroft heritage so, watch this space for further news of where you can see the model.

And a train with all the wagons we brought with us for the show. Being pulled by a generic tank. The poor m7 just keeps on slipping with anything more than the passenger coach.

day 2

The trains have been running relatively smoothly today. As the afternoon gets quieter we have a bit of fun with making long trains.

Here's one that stretches the length of the model.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

End of Day 1

So the end of day 1, at the Basingstoke Model Railway Show.

Our layout was pretty busy all day, with many visitors trying to work out where about the Thornycroft factory used to be in relation to the buildings and road that are there today. With a few telling us stories about the factory, railway line and the lorries that were made back in the day.

I Managed to quickly run around the show and these layouts (below) stood out for me (with my particular interests in small scaled modelling).

Top left and right: Bottle Kiln Lane 
Bottom Left: Plas Halt
Bottom Right: Llangerisech

Obviously apart from Thornycroft, I think Bottle Kiln Lane wins it for me today. I think the detail, and the way the railway sits in its surroundings is something I had not really seen before, watching the train through the overgrown shrubs and trees. The detail in the kiln was also impressive - I liked it.

Back again tomorrow (Sunday 13th March) - So hope to see you there.


First day of show

Here is a picture of thornycroft ready for the people to see. It was a pretty smooth setup considering it's the first time we have set it up for exhibition.


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Thornycroft Stand Banner

Don't forget to visit us this coming weekend, we will be at: 

The Basingstoke & North Hampshire Model Railway Show 
Aldworth Science College, Basingstoke, RG22 6HA
Saturday 12th March, and Sunday 13th March 2016
Thornycroft exhibition stand banner
As with Cliddesden, I designed a banner for our exhibition stand. It's a representation of part of the side and signage that was on the main frontage of the "Power House" - the tallest building at the Thornycroft factory site. It took many days to put this together, to try and make it as realistic as possible. I think it looks pretty good and came out great from the printers.

It's full colour, and printed directly on 5mm Foamex (30cm x 184cm). We simply hold it in place with a few clamps to the stand frame.

Please do come by and say hi.